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Advanced Placement

The University of Saskatchewan recognizes the academic excellence of students enrolled in the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program. We believe that students who are successful in their AP courses will enrol at the University of Saskatchewan with some advantage over students who have taken less intensive programs.


If you are taking AP courses you will be considered for admission on the basis of your Grade 12 subject marks. AP courses are acceptable as equivalents for required high school subjects and AP course grades may be combined with an approved high school curriculum to meet the University’s admission requirements. Specific subjects and admission averages required will vary depending upon the area of study you plan to pursue.

Applicants completing AP courses will be considered for Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships on the basis of their preliminary high school grades.

AP Course Grade

U of S Equivalent (%)


Transfer Credit

Transfer credit will be awarded for most AP courses with grades of 4 or higher.

Students who are awarded transfer credit may choose to decline the credit. To do so, you must complete the Decline Transfer Credit Form and speak with an Academic Advisor in your College. If you choose to receive the credit, it is then up to your College to determine how this credit will fit into the program of study. If you choose to take a repeat course, the grade may not be used by your college.

The following is a current list of transfer credit equivalents.

AP CourseU of S Equivalent
Art History Arth 120.3
Biology  Xnsc Jr. 3
Calculus AB Math 110.3
Calculus BC Math 110.3 + 116.3
Chemistry Chem 112.3
Chinese Language and Culture Chin Jr.3
Computer Science A Cmpt 111.3 
Computer Science AB Cmpt 111.3 + Cmpt Jr.3
English Language and Composition Xar Jr. 6 (composition)
English Literature and Composition Eng 110.6
Environmental Science Geog 125.3
European History Hist 121.3 + 122.3
French Language One of French: 122.3 + 125 or 128.3 depending on previous education
French Literature Fren Jr. 6
German Language Germ Jr. 6
Government & Politics: Comparative Gov't & Politics    Pols 112.3 (Reviewed Nov 2014)
Government & Politics: U.S. Gov't & Politics Pols 249.3 (Reviewed Nov 2014)
Human Geography Geog 130.3
Latin Literature Latn 112.3 + 113.3
Latin: Vergil Latn 112.3 + 113.3
Macroeconomics Econ 114.3
Microeconomics Econ 111.3
Music Theory--Non-Aural Subscore Mus Jr.3
Physics 2 (Algebra Based) Phys Jr. 3

Physics 1 (Algebra Based)

Phys Jr. 3

Physics 1 + Physics 2 (Algebra Based)

Phys Jr. 3 + Phys 115.3

Physics B (No longer offered as of 2014)

Phys 115.3 + Phys 117.3
Physics C Phys 115.3 + Phys 125.3
Physics C-Mech + Physics C-E&M Phys Jr. 3
Psychology Psy 120.3 + Psy 121.3
Spanish Language Span 214.3
Spanish Literature Span 306.3
Statistics Stat Jr.3
Studio Art (includes Art 2D,3D, Drawing) Art Unsp. 3 
United States History Hist Jr. 6 
World History Hist Jr. 6 
*Currently under review

Required Transcripts

If you are currently in high school have your principal or guidance counsellor provide a preliminary statement of marks. A final statement of marks will be required to be forwarded directly by the appropriate Department of Education office or official department maintaining such records, no later than August 1.

You will also be required to provide official AP transcripts if you write the College Board examinations, even if you have written the examination in only one AP course. These grades will be used to determine transfer credit.

In order to have AP grades released to a university, students must submit an appropriate transcript request to the College Board office. The designated institutional (DI) code for the University of Saskatchewan is 0980. Please use this code when requesting AP grades to be forwarded to Admissions, University of Saskatchewan.

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