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Math Requirements in Arts and Science

Do you have a student interested in Arts and Science? No matter which math stream your student chooses below, they can be admitted to the College of Arts and Science.

Below are recommendations for which Saskatchewan Mathematics stream to take, depending upon student interest. Official requirements are available on our admissions requirements page.

Interested in Bachelor of Arts (or is undecided)

The Foundations of Mathematics stream is recommended.

example programs: English, History, Political Studies

What if my student later decides to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree?

If, after admission, your student changes their mind about their program, they can always take Math 104.3 at university to fulfill a requirement of the B.Sc. as well as serve as a pre-requisite course for more advanced mathematics.

Interested in Bachelor of Science

The Pre-Calculus stream is recommended.

example programs: Biology, Chemistry, Math

What if my student later decides to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree?

Pre-calculus serves as a pre-requisite for advanced university math courses. Arts programs generally do not require these classes specifically (although they may be used to fulfill degree requirements regardless). If your student doesn't take pre-calculus in high school, there is a university class available if needed.

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