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Audit, Visiting, and Returning Students

Admission requirements and procedures differ for some students.

If you wish to take university classes solely for interest's sake, auditing classes may be an option for you.

Auditing a class means that you are able to attend lectures but do not hand in assignments, participate in class discussions, or write mid-term or final exams. You will not receive credit for the classes you take, but will pay lower fees and are exempt from many admission requirements.

To apply to become an audit student, select the "Audit Student" application type when you apply online.

If you are enrolled at another institution and you want to take University of Saskatchewan classes to transfer to your degree program, you may apply as a visiting student.

When you apply, you will need to provide a letter of permission from your home institution stating that you have approval to attend the University of Saskatchewan, indicating the intended term of study, and identifying the specific course(s) in which you intend to enroll.

To apply to become a visiting student, select the "Visiting Student" application type when you apply online.

Saskatchewan students enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan, 
University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic

As a Common Visiting Student, you may take distance and off-campus classes offered by a Saskatchewan partner 
institution. A visiting student is eligible to take classes at the U of S with a letter of permission provided by their home institution with the intent of transferring earned credit back to the home institution. A letter of permission is required for admission. Talk to the advisor at your off-campus site for more information.

Common visiting student form

If you have previously completed classes at the U of S, have not attended another post-secondary institution, and want to return to the same college, you should apply for readmission as a returning student. Please note that you must meet returning application deadlines.

If you still have access to PAWS, you can apply for readmission through the Admissions channel. Select "Returning Student" as the application type.

If you do not have access to PAWS, please begin a new application. You may still select "Returning Student" as the application type. 

Use the "Current U of S Student" application if you want to apply to a college other than the one in which you were previously enrolled. If you have completed classes at another post-secondary institution since you last attended the U of S, you should apply as a "Transfer" student; remember, if you have completed classes at the U of S previously, you do not need to submit another application fee.

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