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Tuition and Student Fees

Tuition for most undergraduate programs at uSask is calculated by adding up the cost of each individual class you register in once you have been admitted. For many programs, there is a wide range of classes from which you can choose.

Tuition Estimates

The following estimates reflect a typical amount you could expect to pay per year if you enroll in a full course load (the maximum number of courses allowed).


Agriculture and Bioresources $5,972 $15,527
Arts and Science $5,954 $15,480
Education $5,955 $15,483
Edwards School of Business $7,230 $18,798
Engineering $8,172 $21,247
Kinesiology $5,945 $15,457
Non-direct entry

Law $12,624 $32,822
Nursing $7,458 $19,391
Nutrition $6,596 $17,150
Pharmacy $9,106 $23,676
Dentistry $32,960 Not available
Medicine $16,236 Not available
Veterinary Medicine $9,114 Not available
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Studies For students who already have an undergraduate degree and are pursuing a Master's or Ph.D.

2016-2017 tuition estimates for Fall Term 1 and Winter Term 2 (September-April) are represented. International undergraduate tuition rates are assessed at 2.6 times the rate for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Student fees

Student fees are used to fund specific student benefits offered as part of your university education. These include fees to support athletics and recreation programs, student services, health and dental plans, your students’ union, and the U-Pass Universal Transit Pass that allows you unlimited travel during the school year with Saskatoon Transit.


2016-2017 student fees are represented for undergraduate students enrolled full-time at the main Saskatoon campus over Fall Term 1 and Winter Term 2 (September-April).

Textbooks and supplies



Living in residence offers many benefits to students, including many amenities you may otherwise have to pay for separately. Residence rates can include convenient meal plans, utilities like electricity and water, laundry, and internet.

Includes comprehensive meal plan, utilities, high speed internet and laundry
Double unit $7,870
Single unit $8,795
Includes utilities, cable TV, wireless and wired internet, telephone (free local calling) and laundry
A meal plan may be purchased separately
Three- or Four-bedroom $5,568
Two-bedroom $6,432
One-bedroom $7,296
Studio unit $6,128

2016-2017 rental rates for Fall Term 1 and Winter Term 2 (August 28, 2016-April 30,2017) are represented.

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