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Competitive Entrance Awards

The deadline to apply for 2014-2015 Competitive Entrance Awards was February 15, 2014.  Supporting documents was required by March 1, 2014.  Successful recipients will be notified by mail throughout April, May & June.

The application form for the 2015-2016 Competitive Entrance Awards will be available on October 3, 2014.

Scholarships: awarded based on academic achievement and may consider school/community activities, leadership or other criteria

awarded based on financial need and may consider academic achievement as well.

awarded based on specific achievement (e.g., science fair project) and could be monetary or an item, such as a book.

Competitive Entrance Awards are based on academic achievement, financial need, and/or contributions to school and community life. These awards also recognize particular backgrounds, acknowledge contributions to certain clubs, and reward achievement in music or athletics. Competitive Entrance Awards are available to:

  • students proceeding directly from high school to university; and
  • students who have been out of high school for one or more years and have less than 18 credit units transferable to a program of study at the University of Saskatchewan.

Students are eligible to receive payment of one Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship and one Competitive Entrance Award. If eligible to receive multiple awards, students will be contacted to confirm which award they will be accepting. Students can receive additional awards administered at the college/department level or from an external source. Self-declared St. Thomas More (STM) students may be eligible for additional awards and will be contacted when the STM awards application becomes available (usually in August).

Search for awards
Application Deadline:

The listing of awards is updated regularly to reflect the latest award offerings. We recommend that you always refer back to this site for the most up-to-date information on awards for entering students. The University reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances require, for whatever reason, including but not limited to the cancellation of particular awards or the adjustment of an award value. Listing an award does not in itself obligate the University to make the award.

Reading an award listing

  • February 15, 2015: The deadline to Apply for Admission and pay the application fee to be considered for Competitive Entrance Awards.
  • March 1, 2015: The deadline to submit the online Application for Competitive Entrance Awards and supporting documents.

By February 15

  1. Apply for Admission
    Submit the online Application for Admission and pay the $90 CDN application fee.

  2. Search Competitive Entrance Awards
    Determine your eligibility, note the supporting documents required for awards that interest you, and maximize your award potential.

By March 1

  1. Apply for Competitive Entrance Awards
    Submit the online Application for Competitive Entrance Awards and plan your next steps!

  2. Send us your Semester One final marks*
    (Only one copy of your transcript is need for admission and award purposes.)  
    -All transcripts must be sent to Recruitment and Admissions.
    -Saskatchewan students must have their transcripts sent directly from the Ministry of Education to Recruitment and Admissions.
    -Out-of-province students, please ensure that you or your school sends us an up-to-date copy of your transcript, including Semester One finals and a list of subjects in which you are currently registered.

  3. Submit your Supporting Documents
    -Submit your supporting documentation for awards including any lists of activities, reference letters, essays, etc. as required.
    -The documentation you need to submit depends on the awards for which you apply.

  4. Submit the Financial Need Calculator
    -If you are applying for any bursaries on the Competitive Entrance Awards application form, you are also required to submit your financial information using the Financial Need Calculator.
    -If you are a dependent, please note there are parts of this form that need to be filled out by your parent(s) or guardian(s).

*If you have already graduated from high school and/or have attended another post-secondary institution*, please arrange for your transcripts to be sent to the U of S from the appropriate issuing authority by March 1.

**Only those students with fewer than 18 post-secondary credit units are eligible to apply for Competitive Entrance Awards. If you attended another post-secondary institution, you must arrange for your final high school transcript and final post-secondary transcript to be sent to the U of S. Students who completed less than 18 credit units of post-secondary study at the U of S are eligible to apply for Competitive Entrance Awards and are not required to submit their transcript again.

Final Marks


  • Apply early!
  • Give yourself enough time to choose references and prepare any other supporting documentation that is required.
  • Pay attention to detail.
    Read the Application for Competitive Entrance Awards carefully and complete all requirements. Give yourself a competitive advantage by carefully reading the directions and the entire award listing. Read all of the eligibility criteria and directions carefully.  Be sure to submit all necessary supporting documents.
  • Apply for as many awards as possible.
    Read all of the eligibility criteria carefully. If you are uncertain if you are eligible for an award, err on the side of caution and apply anyway!
  • Make changes if necessary.
    You can make changes to your online Application for Competitive Entrance Awards up until the deadline of March 1. Anytime you make changes, you must re-submit your application form.  The last submission you submit will save over any previous submissions. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are applying for all of the awards for which you are eligible.

The deadline to submit your online application for Competitive Entrance Awards and your supporting documentation is March 1 at 11:59 p.m. (CST).

Preparing your documents

  • Create one awards package
    Label this package with your name, contact information (including your email address), U of S student number (if known), Application for Competitive Entrance Awards Reference Code, list of awards and list of package contents.
  • Create award bundles
    Within the larger package, create smaller bundles for each award by fastening related documents securely with a paper clip or staple. Create a cover sheet for each award bundle, listing the name of the award, your name and student number, if known. Do not include a transcript with each award bundle. Only one transcript is needed, which should be sent to the Admission Office.
  • Label each page
    Put your name and student number, if known, on the top right hand corner of each page.
  • Neatness matters
    Your supporting documents represent you. They are a testament to your skill, ability and attention to detail. Type all submissions using plain or basic fonts (Times New Roman or Arial), ensure all copies or scanned items are clear and easy to read/identify, and do not fold your submissions.
  • Proofread
    Check all items for spelling and grammar
  • Know your name
    Use the same name during the awards application process as you did on your Application for Admission (e.g. Kathleen vs. Katie, Benjamin James vs. B.J., etc.).


Cover Letter

Provide a cover letter with your supporting documents that includes:

  • Contact information, including your email address
  • Student Number, if known
  • Application for Competitive Entrance Awards Reference Code
  • List of awards
  • List of package contents
List of Activities

Your lists of community and school involvement, athletic ability and leadership activities should be:

  • Concrete, with clear examples
  • Dated, with a time-frame listed for each activity
  • Unique, tailored to each award considering the award criteria
Reference Letters
  • Choose your references carefully.
    Choose someone who can express themselves well in writing and who has known you long enough to describe your positive attributes in detail.
  • Inform your references.
    Provide your reference with lots of information about you, as it related to your awards application. With a résumé and awards listing in hand, your reference’s letter will be stronger and more relevant. Let them know your deadline, and provide them lots of time.
  • One size doesn’t fit all!
    Have your references write letters specific to your awards.
  • Submit reference letters with other awards documents.
    There is no need to send them in separate envelopes, signed and sealed or by the references themselves.
  • Proofread your reference letters.
    Some references write several reference letters for different students. Make sure the letters you send describe you.
  • Thank your references.
    Send a thank you note, drop in and see them, whatever you like!
Financial Need Calculator
  • In order to be considered for bursaries, you must complete the Financial Need Calculator. You will be asked for information relating to your income, assets and extraordinary expenses.
  • If you are a dependent, your parent(s) or guardian(s) must complete portions of this form by March 1 as well.
  • A copy of your high school transcripts must be sent to Recruitment & Admissions by March 1.
  • Saskatchewan students must have a copy sent from the Ministry of Education to Recruitment and Admissions.
  • Out-of-province students be sure to include:
    • Grade 12 Semester One final marks 
    • A list of subjects in which you are registered for Semester Two Self-reported grades and courses taken in Semester Two of Grade 12 will not be used for the purposes of Competitive Entrance Awards. If you have already completed Grade 12, your final high school transcript will be used for the purposes of Competitive Entrance Awards.
  • Remember: For admission, your final high school transcript must be sent directly to the U of S from the appropriate issuing authority by August 1. Any post-secondary transcripts must also be submitted directly from your previous institution to the U of S.

Submission Methods

  • Emailing is quick, easy, environmentally friendly and free!
  • The email should contain your full name and student number (if known). Including your full name is especially important when sending email from your parents' account or an account that doesn't contain your name.
  • Do NOT send your documents via cloud drive services (e.g., Dropbox, SkyDrive). Documents that are emailed should be included in the body of an email or attached as a document.
  • Please send attachments in .pdf, .doc or .txt formats.
  • Label your documents as you would if you were dropping them off.
Mail or Drop Off

Awards and Financial Aid
University of Saskatchewan
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 5A2 Canada

Fax 306-966-6730 (not recommended)

If faxing, ensure that your submission is very clear.

Your Competitive Entrance Awards average considers your five best subjects, as completed by the end of Semester One of Grade 12, according to specific criteria. Your awards average is calculated similarly to your admission average. View how your admission average is calculated.  Final admission averages will be used for those students who have already graduated from high school.