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Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

No separate application is required to be considered for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship!

You will automatically be considered when you apply for admission, pay the application fee and submit your grades and other documents necessary to be considered for admission.

Your best averageScholarship value
95% or greater $3,000
93% to 94.9% $2,000
90% to 92.9% $1,000
85% to 89.9% $500

Who is eligible?

  • Grade 12 students who plan to come directly to the U of S after graduation
  • Students who have graduated from high school but have little or no previous post-secondary education (less than 18 transferable credit units)

You will be considered automatically for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship upon admission to the U of S. Follow our Steps to Apply to be considered for admission and to be considered automatically for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship.

How is my average calculated?

You will be considered for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship based on your admission average.

If you apply for admission during your Grade 12 year, your average will be calculated twice -- once at the time of admission and again following your graduation. Your scholarship amount will be based on your highest average.

If you have already graduated from high school, only your final Grade 12 average will be used.

How will I find out?

You will be notified in your admission letter if you are eligible for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship.

If you are a current Grade 12 student and your final Grade 12 average is higher than your average at the time of admission, you could be eligible for a higher scholarship amount. If this is the case, we will let you know by email.

If your average goes down, don't worry! Your scholarship offer is based on your highest average; that's guaranteed!

When will I receive payment?

In order to receive payment of a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship, you must:

  • enrol in a minimum of 18 credit units in the Fall and Winter Terms (September to April) in the year the award is to be taken up
  • arrange for your final, official high school transcript to be sent directly to the U of S

If you do not meet the credit requirement in your first year, you may still receive your award the following year, provided you enrol in 18 credit units or more during the Fall and Winter Terms (September-April), and have been continuously registered in classes at the U of S. In this case, you must notify the Student Finance and Awards when the 18 credit unit requirement has been met to request payment of the scholarship.

Once these requirements have been fulfilled, your Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship will be applied directly to your U of S student account for payment of tuition and fees. You will be able to see this payment in your PAWS account by mid-September.

If the scholarship is awarded, and your registration status changes to make you ineligible, monies will be revoked and you will be responsible for any outstanding tuition and fees.

What if I am offered other scholarships or bursaries?

Each student can receive payment of one Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship and one Best and Brightest Scholarship or Competitive Entrance Award from the U of S.

Students can receive additional awards administered at the college/department level or from an external source; these will not affect your U of S entrance awards.

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