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Women's & Gender Studies

You can begin this program at an
off-campus site through a satellite campus or regional partner.

Explore the portrayal of femininities and masculinities in advertising, documentaries, pornography, cultural production, news media and feature-length films. See how the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries have been envisioned by independent, Hollywood and science fiction writers. Examine the impact of the Indian Act and colonialism on Aboriginal women. Participate in online group projects that deal with issues such as ecological degradation, militarism, racism,and transnational organizing. Analyze the intersections of race, class, age, disability and sexual orientation and their impact on women’s and men’s health and well-being.

Program Options

Bachelor of Arts - Women's & Gender Studies

  • B.A. Four-year
  • B.A. Three-year
  • B.A. Honours
  • Minor

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What is Women's & Gender Studies?

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores gender and sexual diversity, masculinities and queer studies, practices of representation and cultural production, popular culture, and critical transnational feminisms.

Drawing on innovative frameworks and diverse methodologies, our courses address intersections of embodiment, identity, community and knowledge politics in arenas that span the intimate and the international. Engaging the everyday worlds that we inherit and inhabit, the program provides critical tools that help students re-imagine more inclusive processes for creative, social and political change.

Women's & Gender Studies: Is it for you?

  • Women’s & Gender Studies at the U of S enjoys a solid reputation for academic breadth and strength.
  • The Women’s & Gender Studies program is unique in Canada in that it is integrated within an interdisciplinary centre in the College of Arts & Science called The Interdisciplinary Center for Culture and Creativity (ICCC).
    • The Interdisciplinary Center for Culture and Creativity (ICCC) celebrates culture and creativity through unique, interdisciplinary programming. The Centre supports scholarship anchored within the humanities and fine arts, but also reaches beyond these disciplines as students and faculty engage in creative and cultural enquiry that is curiosity-driven and virtually boundless.

Sample Classes

  • WGST 201: Images of Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture
    An introduction to the ways gender, sexuality and identity are represented and produced in popular culture, mainstream media and populist feminist culture. Focuses on critical analysis and intervention, the production of culture and a variety of cultural forms, mainstream media and representational practices.
  • WGST 320: Reading on the Edge Feminist and Queer Cultural Texts
    Provides advanced critical interdisciplinary consideration of reading practices; theoretical, literary and media-based, in the context of feminist and queer interventions in "dominant" narratives of gender, sexuality, race, ability, nationality. We will employ intersectional analysis that understands cultural production, reproduction, circulation, and reception to be historically and ideologically situated.
  • WGST 409: Understanding Western Patriarchy
    Examination of a selection of texts which helped to shape gender, race, class, and ethnic arrangements in Western culture from 1700 BCE to the early 20th Century. The focus will be on influential sacred, legal, philosophical, and political writings that made the emergence of feminist thought and the rise of political feminism both necessary and possible.

Career Opportunities

  • Volunteer Services Administrator
  • Human Support Services Coordinator
  • Political Campaign Staff Member
  • International Human Rights Program Assistant
  • Family Services Administrator
  • Women’s Center Director
  • Recourse Centre Coordinator
  • Community Development Worker

Skill Sets Gained

  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data
  • Communication skills: written and/or oral
  • Creativity
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Interpreting research findings
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Research skills and methods
  • Teamwork/Interpersonal skills

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