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Explore what it's like to be the boss. Tackle tough problems and learn to make important decisions. Learn how to effectively lead poeple and manage projects.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) - Management

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What is Management?

Management is the art of making people more effective employees. As a manager, you need to be a forward thinker who can create a plan, organize the resources to make it work, direct the people who will make it happen, and monitor and control its effects.

The primary function of management is the satisfaction of a range of stakeholders. This typically involves making a profit for the shareholders, creating valued products at a reasonable cost for customers, and providing rewarding employment opportunities for employees.

Edwards Co-operative Education Program

Co-operative education provides you the opportunity to take what you are learning in the classroom and apply it in a real-life work situation. The Edwards Co-operative Education Program provides students the opportunity to compete for eight months of relevant work experience for the following January of their acceptance into the co-op program. Students accepted participate in professional development workshops to prepare them for the job search process. Students who successfully complete the co-op experience will extend their degree by at least one term.

Second year Edwards students from all majors are welcome to apply each January. The number of participants and companies continues to grow each year with the ultimate goal of being able to accommodate up to 150 students annually. 

Sample Classes

  • COMM 347: Aboriginal Business in Canada
    Examines the cultural and historical development of Aboriginal business and analyzes issues at the local, national and global levels. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal corporate strategies will be compared and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal business partnerships explored.
  • COMM 340: Introduction to International Business
    Introduction to the global setting in which international business decisions are made. In addition to the basic economic factors, socio-cultural, legal and political considerations are examined. Emphasis is placed on the factors which are relevant to decision making in a wide range of international business functions (i.e. marketing, finance) and international business forms (i.e. export-import, foreign manufacturing, joint ventures).
  • COMM 447: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    Examines the processes and skills required for the successful formation of new business ventures and the on-going management of small businesses. Students can examine their own entrepreneurial potential and experience the process of new venture formation and financing through the preparation and formal presentation of a plan for the initiation of a business venture of their choice.

Career Opportunities

Management graduates may continue their professional development with careers in the following areas:

  • entrepreneurism
  • financial consulting
  • business management
  • strategic planning and analysis
  • public relations
  • research and development

Career Development

Edwards Career Services manages the co-op program and offers many career development services exclusive to Edwards School of Business students.


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