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Practical and Applied Arts

Are you interested in teaching Home Economics or Industrial Arts in a school setting? A new 30 credit unit certificate open to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Saskatchewan or for those who already hold a Bachelor of Education degree and valid Professional 'A' Teaching Certificate. This Certificate will enable you to enhance your practical knowledge in both of those teaching areas.

Program Options

Applying for Admission

This program is open to:

  • current University of Saskatchewan students enrolled in a Bachelor of Education program, or
  • post-degree Education students who hold a Bachelor of Education degree and valid Professional ‘A’ Teaching Certificate.

Admission is based on special case admission review.

Note: This certificate is not available to those with a B. Ed. who have previously completed a Home Economics or Industrial Arts teaching area.

To apply, select the Education - Certificates application type and select the appropriate stream:

  • Practical and Applied Arts - Home Economics – Certificate
  • Practical and Applied Arts - Industrial Arts – Certificate

Current or former U of S students with access to PAWS are strongly encouraged to apply through the Admissions channel under Academics in the PAWS menu.

Practical and Applied Arts: Is it for you?

  • The University of Saskatchewan is the only institution in the province where you can access the courses necessary for certification as a teacher in Practical and Applied Arts.
  • The U of S offers a program that provides you with the background to assist students with an interest in attaining practical knowledge in the applied arts and is the program for you if you enjoy a combination of theoretical and hands-on education.

What is Practical & Applied Arts?

Home Economics focuses on the family unit: ecosystems, consumerism, living environments, financial management, politics, and clothing and textiles. The hands-on, practical courses are perfect for teaching these traditional skills.

Industrial Arts focuses primarily on industrial skills training such as computer assisted drafting, cabinetry and construction, welding, electricity and electronics, and mechanics.


Home Economics (30 credit units)

Required Courses (24 credit units):

  • HED 111.3 Family Ecosystem
  • HED 142.3 Consumer
  • HED 222.3 Family Living
  • HED 223.3 Contemporary Clothing & Textile Consumption
  • HED 232.3 Personal and Family Financial Management
  • HED 313.3 Family & Technology
  • HED 431.3 Management of Family Time & Food Resources
  • HSC 120.3 or HLTH 100.3

Home Economics Area of Focus (6 credit units)

  • ECUR 340.3 Introduction to Teaching Practical and Applied Arts
  • ECUR 341.3 Curriculum and Evaluation in Practical and Applied Arts

Industrial Arts (30 credit units)

Required Courses (24 credit units):

  • TECH 183.3 Drafting
  • TECH 187.3 Wood Fabrication
  • TECH 283.3 Computer Assisted Drafting
  • TECH 284.3 Electronics & Electricity
  • TECH 285.3 Mechanics
  • TECH 286.3 Welding
  • TECH 287.3 Building Construction Tech
  • ETAD 402. Multimedia Design and Production

Industrial Arts Area of Focus (6 credit units)

  • ECUR 340.3 Introduction to Teaching Practical and Applied Arts
  • ECUR 341.3 Curriculum and Evaluation in Practical and Applied Arts

Career Opportunities

It's about more than becoming a teacher. The skills you learn in the College of Education can take you to the classroom, out into the community or around the world:

  • Elementary or High School Teacher
  • Adult Educator
  • Advocate
  • Community Program Coordinator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Educational Administrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • High School Counselor or Academic Advisor
  • International Teacher
  • Instructional Designer
  • Library Technician or Teacher Librarian
  • Literacy Instructor/Coordinator
  • Politician
  • Resource Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Vocational Teacher
  • Writer/Artist/Musician
  • Youth Worker
  • Or almost anything you want...


The new certificate in Practical and Applied Arts model offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility, with increased course options including new and advanced technical subject matter content, as well as flexible intake opportunities (i.e. certificate could be started during B.Ed. program or after B.Ed. program)
  • Opportunities to offer PAA areas of specialization that match community needs
  • Opportunities for practicing teachers to apply to the Ministry for advanced salary class standing through certificate opportunity

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