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Geological Engineering

Explore, shape and protect the Earth's natural resources

Geological engineering is the application of engineering principles to the natural materials and fluids found in the earth, including rocks, soils, groundwater, petroleum and natural gas.

Program Options

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Geological Engineering

  • B.E.

Mining Engineering option available

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Geological Engineering: Is it for you?

  • As in all programs in our college, you will take a common first year, meaning that you will choose to specialize in geological engineering after that first year. You will be trained by our high-quality and caring faculty, to give you the best possible education in geological engineering.

    It’s an exciting time for geological engineers from an employment perspective, particularly in Saskatchewan where mineral exploration and development are currently experiencing unprecedented growth. Indeed, the job opportunities are excellent and are likely to remain that way.

What is Geological Engineering?

Geological engineers are trained to characterize and predict the behaviour of natural materials and fluids. They work to find and develop the resources that society needs for its survival and in the disposal of society’s wastes in a manner that results in the least possible disturbance to the environment. Geological engineers also work to design and develop stable building foundations, bridges, dams, highways, landfill sites and waterways.

Mining Engineering Option

This option equips Geological Engineering students with a foundational knowledge of mining operations. Curricular emphasis is placed on process engineering, mine design, excavation techniques, and mineral deposits. Graduates of this option are anticipated to have an interest in the mining operations and are likely to pursue careers in the associated industry.

An "Option" within the College of Engineering is a prescribed set of courses that provides a concentration of specialized training in one particular field of study. Options are approved at the College level but are unique to Departments within the College, consisting of at least 18 credit units, none of which are core courses taken by all students within the Department.

Sample Classes

  • GEOE 218: Engineering Geology
    Introduction to engineering geology and the engineering properties of geomaterials including strength, compressibility and permeability of soils and rocks. Labs, case studies and field trips emphasize slope stability, ground monitoring, instrumentation and the engineering significance of geological processes and geomaterials. Fundamentals of structural geology, applied geomorphology, site investigation technology, geophysics and airphoto interpretation.
  • GEOE 315: Rock Mechanics
    Physical properties of rock. Rock stress-deformation behaviour and failure. Laboratory and in situ testing.
  • GEOE 412: Reservoir Mechanics
    Fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs; material balance equations; oil and gas well testing; waterflooding and EOR methods; fractional and segregated flow of immiscible fluids.

Career Opportunities

With a degree in geological engineering, you will have many career options, including some of the following:

  • working with mining and petroleum companies
  • consulting as an engineer in geotechnical and geoenvironmental settings
  • working for provincial or federal government

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